There are moments in live that make us wonder how we will ever get to where we want to be. These moments come in different forms, it may be a rejection email for a job position you really wanted or a lack of inspiration to write that blog post. Although these moments are a part of our growth, they tend to affect our inspiration in the process.

As humans, we don’t always remain calm in the face of disappointments. We mustn’t allow for these setbacks to blind us from moving towards our goals.

Here are…tips to help you stay inspired even when you don’t feel inspired.

Embrace your struggle (give yourself permission to be critical)

Every decision you make will challenge you. Instead of viewing your struggles or your current position in life as a weakness, recognise that your ability to be self-aware and come through this struggle is where the real strength lies.

As hard as it may seem, give yourself permission to be critical of your circumstances and finding the positive lesson in each situation.

Next time you’re feeling lost in life, realise that the mountain you face is not the end of the road but something you have to push past.

Go somewhere different

Sometimes you feel stuck when all you do is follow a routine. The solution to this is to change your environment in order to engage your mind and find new perceptions. Go for a walk in the park or go to a museum to get new and fresh ideas. Surrounding yourself with a new atmosphere is the perfect way to get yourself feeling inspired again.

Seek advice from others

Confiding in people you trust and reaching out to people who you feel are successful to you is an effective way to get inspired when you’re having some difficulties. Hearing words of encouragement and gaining an insight into how other people gain inspirations is a sure fire way of realising that you’re not the only one who gets discouraged from time to time.

Being un-inspired makes you human and does not have any bearing on your worth or talents.

Make time to reflect

Thinking you must constantly feel inspired is an unrealistic expectation that you have to stop striving for. Instead of dwelling on why the most you’ve wanted to do lately is binge on reality TV, figure out your why. Why does what you want to do matter to you? Regardless of what your passion is, there’s a reason you discovered it and reminding yourself of what the reasons are may be the extra push you need to continue it.


When you start drifting, how do you remain inspired? Let’s talk! 


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