It’s spring! I love this season, it’s that time of the year when you get rid of old baggage and leave clear and clean space for something new.

Cleaning out my wardrobe is extremely therapeutic but I’ve recently found that cleaning out my finances is also as refreshing. Life has changed for me (for the better) in the past few months; these changes have meant that I had to really take a look at my finances thoroughly to see just how my bank account was holding up lol.

Here are 4 ways to spring clean your finances and set yourself up for success.

Learn about money

Not everyone is financially savvy, so in order to up your game in finance, consider committing to a financial podcast such as Smart Passive Income, taking free online course that can simplify financial concepts or reading through various news sources e.g. Financial Times. Social Media is also a great place to find experts for a some financial ideas.

What’s your debt saying?

One of my goals for 2018 was to be rid of my Law School debt. If you made a goal to be debt free, check in to see how you’re doing.

If you’re not where you planned you would be, don’t get down on yourself, focus on the progress you’ve made thus far and reset your goals

Look at what got in your way, was your target too high? Did you have an unexpected expense? You need to identify where you fell off do you can refresh your plan.

The importance of the right type savings.

Always have an emergency fund…and don’t dip into it (I hope you’re better than me at this). If you don’t have a fund which can cover a few months living expenses (even if you live at home), this should move to the forefront of your savings list.

If you’re someone who makes impulse purchases (me), having savings means that you’re not spending money that would come in handy for planned purchases.

Budget do-over

How is your spending habit? I can tell you that mine has gotten better when I decided I was tired of being broke lol. Are you expenses lining up with your income? Are you overstretching yourself? Did your income suddenly change?

If you got off track with your budget ask yourself why and consider trying a different method.

Check out my YouTube video ‘Tips on Financial Responsibility’ here

Do you clean up your finances during spring time? What tips did we miss?


Stay motivated, stay focused and stay successful!


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