Done is better than perfect.

In the run-up to #Inspired this was not my reasoning. I agonised over every detail down to the table plan. I wanted and was striving for perfection.

Did I get what I thought was perfection? No…and I’ll tell you why.

I woke up on the morning of the event only to realise that I fell asleep in the middle of working through my to-do list, queue the beginning of a maddening morning that consisted of the last-minute change to the running of the day and a wardrobe malfunction. All this and more resulted in me getting to the venue an hour behind my scheduled time.

‘Breathe Ayo, it will be ok…’ but I was already on edge, and once I’m on edge it’s downhill from there. As if a switch was turned on, I began to obsess over every aspect of the day:

‘Was the food going to taste nice?’

‘Were the guests learning something? Anything?’

‘Was I right in having table plans?’

‘Will the guests enjoy the speakers?’

‘Will the speakers be engaging?’

So on and so forth.

Halfway through the first speaker, my sister finally told me to stop thinking so much. So, I did. That was the best decision I had made that day.

I’m going to share with you 4 things I took away from #Inspired.

  1. Mindset – Like they say, ‘it’s all in your head’, well most of it anyway. Keeping a positive mindset allows you to stay focused on the things that are important and stops you from falling into the comparison trap.
  2. Resilience- Building resilience allows you keep moving forward even though you feel like you’re always hitting a brick wall. Stay strong ladies!
  3. Discipline -Learning to be disciplined in your approach to meeting your goals and completing your to-do lists will greatly decrease your stress levels (and we all want that). Be disciplined enough to do the most arduous task first, in other words, ‘Eat your frog first’.
  4. Develop a healthy community by surrounding yourself with people you can learn from. Keep anyone that can influence you negatively at a distance, it’s not necessary to be best friends. You want to be around those who have a genuine interest in your plans and can give timely constructive advice.

As I walked around at the end of the event, I heard whispers of how much these wonderful ladies had really been inspired. I received follow up messages of how happy the ladies were that I held this event, that I followed my purpose and in turn allowed them to gain something tangible.

This was perfection, this was what I had envisioned. It may not have come in the tightly wrapped package I wanted but it came…and it exceeded all my expectations!

Things went wrong and things went right but I got it done.

Thank you to all the ladies who made it a success and in turn inspired me to dream bigger.

Cheers to many more illuminating and motivational sessions.




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