There comes a time in everyone’s life when you are faced with a choice that involves a risk. It could be to leaving your job to start your own business, it could be to change careers, it could even be to start a family, etc.….. Whatever it is, when most people think of taking a risk it brings up feelings of fear and uncertainty.  

So many of us want success but want it easily, but if you are ever going to do anything great you have to take the risk.  If you want to see a different result, you have to do something you have never done before.

In order to gain all that you want, you have to take risks and here are 4 reasons why:

You Don’t Achieve Your Dreams In Your Comfort Zone. 

Many of us spend years not really utilising our gifts and living as our greatest self. We often stay stuck doing the same thing as it’s easier, but when we step out in faith to do the hard things we find our biggest blessing.

You Have to Pursue Success, It’s Not Instant. 

Action is king and if you want to move forward into all that is possible, you have to take action. You MUST run after it with all you have. The advice is not that you take blind risks; you have to set clear goals and follow through in order to go after what success is to you. Just don’t read and think about powerful new ideas; you need to apply what you have learned.

Risks Teaches You Lessons About Yourself. 

Risks give you the opportunity to really see what you’re made of. You see your talents, abilities, skills, opportunities and experiences. Risks allows you to grow your strengths and talents to use them in a way you may have never used them before.  

Taking Risks Helps You Overcome Fear. 

Risk taking allows you to conquer your fears as you stop letting them paralyze you and work through them. 

Ultimately you have to look at what it is costing you to sit in your comfort zone, what does it mean for you never to do that thing you desire?  Think about how it could be costing you your happiness and sense of fulfilment.

Taking risks will stretch you, grow you and give you faith in your ability to accomplish your goals. With each new level of risk, you will grow in your skills, confidence and ability to do more.

There will be failures along the way, but even those moments bring valuable lessons that will help you grow in the direction you’ve set toward. In the long run, the benefits of taking a risk are worth it! 

Today I want to challenge you to look at where you are and think about where you want to be, and take the risks necessary to go after it! xx


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